The Seas of Time

I hear the waves crashing on time's distant shore.
Its salty mist hangs in the air.
I can taste its dry burning on my tongue.
Feel its sticky film on my skin.
It coats every surface,
fills every space.
I invite it into my body with each breath,
though it burns like acid.

Yet I welcome its relaxing song.
With its hypnotic ebb and flow,
it calls me to a peaceful sleep.
With no destination,
always in motion,
always alive.

As I stand at the water's edge.
With every crash of the waves.
My feet sink deeper into the sand.
My heart slows.
My mind drifts off.
The cool waters wash over me.

Cradled by the sand's embrace,
the world fades,
time washes away.
Leaving me to drift,
in the waters of time.
In this moment,forever.

By: Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

After seeing Amanda last Sunday I felt inspired to write this poem. It represents how sometimes I have been troubled by either the past or the future. But because of her I find myself no longer troubled by such things. We have always found ourselves peacefully adrift in the moment, and last time I saw her reminded me of that