Frequency Domain Circuit Analysis Tutorial

Some time back I started writing a book in an attempt to help explain how to do circuit analysis by hand. Originally it was going to include both time-domain analysis as well as frequency-domain analysis. The book is incomplete and I never got to cover the time-domain but has several complete examples showing frequency-domain analysis on many common circuits. I’ve gotten some compliments over the years, particularly from HAM radio operators, on how useful the book has been to them. I’d like to share here what I have so far in case anyone might find it useful.

As a side note if anyone would like to revive the project and work with me on expanding and completing the book it would be most welcome. Please feel free to contact me. In the meantime here is the compiled book in its current form. I don’t currently have the latex source code published anywhere but if there is any interest I will happily publish it and open-source it on github.

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