A Part of Me Forever

I am not the person from when first we met.
Back then I was only a seed, not even yet alive.
But watered by your love, you gave me my life.
So that my roots did imbibe you.
So that I did grow,
reaching towards the light,
while drawing you into me,
and you became a part of me.

Every thought of you,
will flutter its way,
from my naval to my heart,
carrying with it,
your intoxicating smile.

All the confidence I show,
will trickle it's way down,
from my crown to my chest,
suspended within it,
your tender passion.

The very peace I feel,
will stretch it's warmth out,
from my soul to my body,
glowing through it,
your loving touch.

No matter what may divide us;
I will always be able to find you.
There in my heart where you will sit,
making goofy sounds and scrunching your face,
curling your toes while we hold each other tightly,
smiling with a brilliance that makes my whole being sing.

Thus I sing my song of love for you,
so that I may always keep you in my heart.
There in my atrium,
happily content,
tapping to the beat,
keeping me in perfect rhythm.

There my love will sit,
forever smiling,
forever tapping.
For never can I sever a part of myself.
Then never can I separate you from me.
So there you will remain,
a part of me,

--Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

This is a new poem I wrote, inspired by Amanda and all the wonderful time I've been spending with her. It represents many of the wonderful feelings she gives me, and memories. Best yet, we create new ones every day :)