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Holy Guardian Angel

Giving part of one's self so another can thrive,
no greater a gift could I ever contrive.
Thus my soul I do give to your worthy embrace,
to an endless quest, for your fears to displace.
To give you a world where your happiness thrives,
that fate I shall seek through both of our lives.

For once the great goal is no longer self pride,
the entire vast universe does stand by our side.
Not a fault can we have that we don't overcome,
the whole of our parts is the lesser to our sum.
To make us a life where our true selves do reign,
what a glorious cause I shall never need feign.

So here we do stand with our flaws to be seen;
the trust in each other does wash it all clean.
My love for myself is my love for you too,
for your love is my love, we both can imbue.
I need naught from you, for its part of myself,
and to give from that part only strengthens ourself.

But what if the chaos does haunt us one night?
Our blessed holy guards will then give us true sight.
For chaos is born of illusion's worst fear,
be true to ourselves so it shall never be near.
The storm was a dream, not a thing to contend,
I have found us clear skies that never will end.

If the body only gives what it will there receive,
then the mind will be hollow with no hope to relieve.
Thus I use all I have just to light up your eyes,
because I wish you to live, to reach past compromise.
To bring you to life is all I ever did want,
your soul just to smile, not a trophy to flaunt.

Take all that I give, because you give it to me,
since two are the one it brings both of us glee.
Consume all my love, never fear you'll do pain,
for truth of one's self is never heart's bane.
The key to our world is the truth held inside,
So forever will I seek ourselves to confide.

--Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

A poem I wrote inspired by Amanda. She has really opened up with me lately, and me to her. I'm glad I get to talk to her as often as I do, she inspires great poems. So this poem talks about finding ones "Holy Guardian Angel" or in occult terms "one's true self". The conversations is directed both at Amanda, and at my HGA simultaneously.


There in the living wood,
I found the moon,
and she gave herself to me.

She is mine,
though not to be owned.
Sitting high in the heavens,
radiating her grace for all to love.
Though still all the more mine.

All I knew was emptiness,
knowing of nothing,
blind to my existence.
Never seeing color.
Never seeing white, nor black.

there in the heavens,
there she hung,
the newborn moon.
Born to an endless darkness,
my world was given contrast.
Where once there was nothing
now lay mysterious shadows,
hinting at distant memories.
Her beauty crisp and clear,
merely a sliver,
a faint whisper,
a hint of her full glory,
yet glowing brightly.

She taught me.
Taught me shapes, lines, form.
Taught me light and dark.
She gave me a world beyond myself.
Gave me a reason to open my eyes.
A reason to be alive.

But her radiance grew,
and the stars themselves did envy her.
Yet she gave of herself freely,
turning envy to love.
So that they did dance,
the stars with the moon,
happily overhead,
for all to see.

And as blissful love shined down,
a pale blue earth was brought to my eyes,
giving my world substance.
Once all that was real hung distantly out of reach,
yet now it surrounds me,
giving me purpose,
revealing the depth of my kingdom.

In every crack there I find her,
reminding me she will always be there,
always sharing herself,
always lighting my path,
never letting go.

And though her light may wane,
it is never extinguished.
For all I need do is look to her,
and she will wax full again.

I no longer fear the night,
because the moon is mine.

--Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

This is a poem I just wrote about Amanda. I was feeling inspired and only wrote it over about 15 minutes. But I'm just glad poetry is coming so easy to me lately! I will be curious to hear what people think of it.

A Part of Me Forever

I am not the person from when first we met.
Back then I was only a seed, not even yet alive.
But watered by your love, you gave me my life.
So that my roots did imbibe you.
So that I did grow,
reaching towards the light,
while drawing you into me,
and you became a part of me.

Every thought of you,
will flutter its way,
from my naval to my heart,
carrying with it,
your intoxicating smile.

All the confidence I show,
will trickle it's way down,
from my crown to my chest,
suspended within it,
your tender passion.

The very peace I feel,
will stretch it's warmth out,
from my soul to my body,
glowing through it,
your loving touch.

No matter what may divide us;
I will always be able to find you.
There in my heart where you will sit,
making goofy sounds and scrunching your face,
curling your toes while we hold each other tightly,
smiling with a brilliance that makes my whole being sing.

Thus I sing my song of love for you,
so that I may always keep you in my heart.
There in my atrium,
happily content,
tapping to the beat,
keeping me in perfect rhythm.

There my love will sit,
forever smiling,
forever tapping.
For never can I sever a part of myself.
Then never can I separate you from me.
So there you will remain,
a part of me,

--Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

This is a new poem I wrote, inspired by Amanda and all the wonderful time I've been spending with her. It represents many of the wonderful feelings she gives me, and memories. Best yet, we create new ones every day :)

The Mage's Tavern

In misty lands that the pale moonlight brings,
There stands a tavern where it shines and it sings.
In this warm place eternal laughter does flow;
with a smile for each of the winds that will blow.

To seek this land out less must be so much more,
then set yourself free to drift to night's shore.
The familiar road finds unfamiliar friends door,
filled with mirth, merriment, magick, and lore.

When ready to pass open wide wooden gate,
a cool wind then blows that shows one their fate.
The room there well lit by passion's great fire,
it's smoke will hang thick from our love's own desire.

There in the sky dances god borealis,
and there on the bar sits the bust of the Pallas.
But never there seen is the raven of yore,
for only the wise can be king evermore.

There in the corner stands a gargoyle's head,
where out of it's mouth flows hot earthen lead.
Into a dirt cup it's flow does seek end,
but as shining gold it does then transcend.

The food and the drink shared to all those around,
Not one to the other was any one bound.
With plates of clear manna that did sparkle white,
and cups of ambrosia kept full through the night.

Here pixie's dust used in shakers to fill,
and surely dragon tails do remain in there still.
For what fool would eat from a dragon's great tail,
only to have all of their passions fail.

Moon's magick glow fills the room well dispersed,
While time's wanting path remains untraversed.
The moments found here are well unrehearsed;
The truth is abound, not found interspersed.

In this place here exists just the one,
Embrace silver moon, to become golden sun.
Odal reunites ancient gods of the night,
to let us be one, so we shine with their light.

--Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

I wrote a new poem. Not surprisingly to many of you it was again inspired by the wonderful Amanda and the most recent weekend I spent with her. She had a dream of a magickal tavern she told me about when I went to see her this weekend. As we enjoyed the weekend, oddly, it seemed to only reflect the energy from her dream. The following night I had a dream of the same place as the one from her dream. I wrote this poem to represent both the feelings from this weekend that borrows elements from the dream itself.

The Seas of Time

I hear the waves crashing on time's distant shore.
Its salty mist hangs in the air.
I can taste its dry burning on my tongue.
Feel its sticky film on my skin.
It coats every surface,
fills every space.
I invite it into my body with each breath,
though it burns like acid.

Yet I welcome its relaxing song.
With its hypnotic ebb and flow,
it calls me to a peaceful sleep.
With no destination,
always in motion,
always alive.

As I stand at the water's edge.
With every crash of the waves.
My feet sink deeper into the sand.
My heart slows.
My mind drifts off.
The cool waters wash over me.

Cradled by the sand's embrace,
the world fades,
time washes away.
Leaving me to drift,
in the waters of time.
In this moment,forever.

By: Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

After seeing Amanda last Sunday I felt inspired to write this poem. It represents how sometimes I have been troubled by either the past or the future. But because of her I find myself no longer troubled by such things. We have always found ourselves peacefully adrift in the moment, and last time I saw her reminded me of that