Holy Guardian Angel

Giving part of one's self so another can thrive,
no greater a gift could I ever contrive.
Thus my soul I do give to your worthy embrace,
to an endless quest, for your fears to displace.
To give you a world where your happiness thrives,
that fate I shall seek through both of our lives.

For once the great goal is no longer self pride,
the entire vast universe does stand by our side.
Not a fault can we have that we don't overcome,
the whole of our parts is the lesser to our sum.
To make us a life where our true selves do reign,
what a glorious cause I shall never need feign.

So here we do stand with our flaws to be seen;
the trust in each other does wash it all clean.
My love for myself is my love for you too,
for your love is my love, we both can imbue.
I need naught from you, for its part of myself,
and to give from that part only strengthens ourself.

But what if the chaos does haunt us one night?
Our blessed holy guards will then give us true sight.
For chaos is born of illusion's worst fear,
be true to ourselves so it shall never be near.
The storm was a dream, not a thing to contend,
I have found us clear skies that never will end.

If the body only gives what it will there receive,
then the mind will be hollow with no hope to relieve.
Thus I use all I have just to light up your eyes,
because I wish you to live, to reach past compromise.
To bring you to life is all I ever did want,
your soul just to smile, not a trophy to flaunt.

Take all that I give, because you give it to me,
since two are the one it brings both of us glee.
Consume all my love, never fear you'll do pain,
for truth of one's self is never heart's bane.
The key to our world is the truth held inside,
So forever will I seek ourselves to confide.

--Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

A poem I wrote inspired by Amanda. She has really opened up with me lately, and me to her. I'm glad I get to talk to her as often as I do, she inspires great poems. So this poem talks about finding ones "Holy Guardian Angel" or in occult terms "one's true self". The conversations is directed both at Amanda, and at my HGA simultaneously.