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Brambled Velvet Bloody Thorns

Brambled velvet, bloody thorns.
The sweetest warmth on my tongue.
A distant memory of a soft touch that never was.
The thorns are a poison, and the fruit its cure.
The sweet fruit that turns the ash in my mouth to wine,
the peaceful ignorance of my intoxication.
Numb to the destruction as I tear away the velvet fruit,
leaving a mutilated husk, its life blood dripping.
The desolate brambles now rotting in the sun.
Its life for mine, a life I never wished to take,
as if there was some other end, some perfect end.
But it was all a dream.
A haunting dream.
An eternal dream.
A dream more real than life.
A dream...

My first poem in 3 years! This is a poem i wrote today, im very proud of this one i think its my best one yet, and unlike my others it doesnt rhyme. Anyone who cares at all about poems id really appreciate you reading it and giving some honest (and preferably critical) feedback.

Light On the Other Side

The heart of man is burnt and gray;
for all our greatness we lost our way.

All alone the blind prevail;
no more love and we will fail.

Honesty and integrity crumble;
kings of men fall and fumble.

Love is lost, people torn
we die everyday and never mourn.
But there is light in babies born.

Hope exists for those who love;
the light is in us, not from above.

Give of yourself and you will find;
the part of you greater than the mind.

-All my love to the reader,
Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

Take My Soul Upon Your Heart

Take my soul upon your heart;
know that I shall never part.

All the void of heaven and earth;
can not weaken my love's worth.

Not time nor death nor land nor sea;
none of these are stronger then we.

For all my heart is fixed on you;
no wish of mine will ever undo,
the undying love I feel for two.

As I slip into the dark;
thoughts of you are in my heart.

You have been my guiding light;
and so you will remain, through eternal night.

-My love forever,