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John BS wrote:

@freemoOkay, I love this but I want to nitpick, so prepare yourself:1) I am seeing a startling lack of neodymium magnets and pogo pins to connect the boards together when linked, rather than constantly relying on the cable between the halves. Adding to this, why a separate macropad with separate “to-pc” cable instead of passing through the rest of the keyboard like the right half?2) I feel like you could easily make this thing completely wireless between halves/modules when split using bluetooth (or logitech’s unifi dongles) between them, and toggle-able between the wire-to-computer and wireless-to-computer modes would be a nice touch for ✨U L T I M A T E✨ ✨F L E X I B I L I T Y✨.3) I LOVE THE KEYCAPS where did you get them and how many limbs do I need to sell to afford them?4) You cannot go on the internet with a keeb-build and prevent us from judging you by refusing to provide the switches you used. I’m pretty sure that violates the keyboard Geneva convention or something. (Also, soldered or hot-swap? And prefab circuit board, self-cnc’d board, or hand wired?)5) Macro keys look sick, as do the little extras around the keyboard.6) I like the knob(s), but what do it (they) do?7) What be the sensor looking thingy below the knob?Overall, I rate this keyboard a solid tenkeyless+macropad out of 40%.“Improvements” I would suggest is an aluminum/steel base for heft, a solid wooden (preferably oiled walnut or cocobolo) upper half, and at least 10 solenoids that fire synchronously every time you hit a key, like this (see the earlier part for the “before solenoid” sound).But in all seriousness, it looks great! (And I would love to see a slightly less wired version lol)